Shopping Center´s Security

Explosive Trace Detection for Shopping Centers Checkpoints

Shopping centers as well as underground parking are considered as high-threat targets for terrorist attacks and have on many occasions the introduction of bombs and explosive materials. Therefore, taking security measures in those areas are crucial to public safety. Recent events around the world have shown the need for reinforcement in the security of shopping centers as well as public areas. Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) systems provide the solution to that need.

Trace detection technology provides a substantial upgrade to existing security solutions by addressing the need to identify explosive materials that may be penetrated by anyone seeking to attack; detectors are also an excellent tool to screening bags. ETD equipment can be deployed at all areas of sensitivity and provide a complimentary security solution to public safety.

Shopping Centers Checkpoints

Shopping centers attract families, tourists and more, who are looking for entertainment and distraction, and therefore it is extremely essential to strengthen security at all entrances.

EXPLOSCAN has been proven in preventing the penetration of any dangerous material including TNT, C4, RDX, Semtex, PETN, Detasheet, and others improvised and homemade explosives, including TATP, HMTD, Urea Nitrate, and Ammonia. The combined use of EDS/ETD is the most effective method to identify suspicious items carried by people or in bags. People and belongings identified as “suspects” by EDS systems are set aside for further inspection using trace detection technology. With its ability to detect in less than 7 seconds, , being portable and very easy to use, the EXPLOSCAN, is an excellent solution for checking and detecting people and their belongings in all shopping centers Checkpoints.

Underground Parking

The requirement for screening all vehicles that enter the underground parking of a shopping center is extremely necessary, as these areas should be controlled in order to check the flow of people entering the public place and thus preventing the introduction of any dangerous objects.
The EXPLOSCAN provides quick and easy vehicle screening with a real-time response that allows security personnel to directly sample potentially contaminated areas in and around a vehicle and has the capability to foil potential terror threats by preventing vehicles and people from penetrating any explosive material. MS DETECTION provides Explosives Trace Detection Technology that can break the IED chain and disrupt the terrorist’s ability to deploy and detonate explosive and improvised materials.

The Solution – EXPLOSCAN – Explosives Trace Detector

Building on the exceptional capabilities and proven HF-QCM Sensor Technologies, EXPLOSCAN is the most rugged, hand-held explosives trace & vapor detector in the market. Lightweight, easy-to-operate, robust, and highly resistant to environmental conditions, the EXPLOSCAN can detect and identify a broad range of plastic, commercial, liquid, and improvised explosives while maintaining the highest levels of sensitivity and selectivity.
Furthermore, EXPLOSCAN does not use any radioactive or ionizing source so there are no costs associated with certifications, licenses, inspections, or special disposal issues.
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