MS Tech Showcases Unique Nanotechnology Sensors and Solutions for Explosives Detection, Narcotics, and Toxic Industrial Chemicals , Military, Law Enforcement, and Critical Infrastructure Sectors at AUSA 2018

Arlington, Virginia, October 6, 2018 – MS Tech, a global developer, manufacturer,and innovator of nanotechnology, IoT and big data sensors, showcases its unique nanotechnology sensors and solutions for the detection of explosives, narcotics, and TICs for the HLS, military, law enforcement, customs agency and critical infrastructure sectors at AUSA 2018. These globally-deployed products, integrated with the company’s innovative sensors, enable rapid detection and identification of various threats.

The EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN Explosives and Narcotics Detectors are easy to operate, ruggedized, and able to withstand difficult weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, winds, rain, dust, humidity, etc. Due to the use of High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance (HF-QCM) nanotechnology sensors, the detectors have no radioactive source, making them safe for the user.

These solutions provide a number of additional benefits. They include user-friendly, point-of-screening interfaces enabling real-time sample analysis, and delivering results that require minimal interpretation. They are cost-effective, due in part to patented sampling swabs that reduce the cost of consumables, automatic self-diagnostic software that decreases maintenance downtime, and the fact that they supply a single solution for both narcotics and explosives detection which lowers the level of capital investment required. In addition, the systems are easy to use, are self-calibrating, and include an automatic cleaning cycle that enables a short downtime following an alarm.

According to Mr. Doron Shalom, CEO, “We are proud of the company’s unique developments and the patented HF-QCM sensors that are embedded in our products. IoT and big data sensors are shaping the world we live in, and the embedded IoT and big data sensors in our products provide a unique edge to governments and corporations in controlling and understanding the level and the scale of the threats they face. The sensors, which are used by governments around the world, detect and identify constantly emerging threats, improvised materials, narcotics, contraband, and toxic industrial chemicals, thus enabling rapid interception of terror threats, as well as preventing cross-border smuggling of illegal drugs. MS Tech continues its investments in ongoing, cutting-edge R&D programs”.

AUSA,October 8-10, Washington, D.C., Hall 5, Stand 2750

About MS Tech.

MS Tech is a global developer, manufacturer, and innovator of nanotechnology, IoT and big data sensors. The company’s technologies are based on its award-winning and patented sensors, which represent a scientific breakthrough in the detection and identification of materials in gas, vapor and liquid phases. MS Tech’s innovative sensor technologies are environmentally friendly with widespread applications in several market sectors, including food safety & product inspection, homeland security & defense, bio-medical diagnostics, fire & smoke detection, water & air monitoring, and aerospace. MS Tech develops, manufactures and supplies customized detection sensors and integrated solutions to its affiliated divisions and other industrial OEMs and resellers.

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